RoadMap (City Map) - Phase 1

- Post Mint, Snapshot will be taken at the specified date and time; every holder of “This is 69” NFT will be airdropped a “LOOB” Potion for Free.
- The “LOOB” Potion can be burnt to get a NFT for Free. Only Holders of “This is 69” NFT and “LOOB” Potion will be able to claim the Free NFT. Must hold both during the burning process.

- The new NFT will be an Animated one with different characters and traits.(No Mutations)
- The Animated NFT will have a total supply of 10,000 NFTs.
- Once Holder claim is done, the remaining supply will be available for Public Mint.
- This will bring in new holders to join our community and continue our journey together into the next Phase.